Rcom ex suro eco HB brooder has manual temp easy to clean and operate- 220V
Part Number EX-Suro-HB-110V
UPC Ex-suro-brooder-110V
Category Rcom Bird Brooders
Brand 220V to 240Volt 50Hz
Electrical Cord Plug proper for your area
Electrical Frequency 110V-120V 50H
Condition NEW
ISBN No Rcom ex suro brooder-220V

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Rcom ex suro eco bird and poultry brooder (Rcom exsuro HB) has manual temp-110V

The Rcom King suro HB brooder bird and poultry brooder (Rcom ex-suro HB brooder) allows you to manually program the temperature with a screwdriver (Provided) -110V.

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 Power: 110-120V 50H Cord for Your country.

Rcom Ex suro HB bird and poultry brooder (rcom exsuro HB) main features:

  • Luxury design with egg-shaped theme.
  • User manually adjust the temperature. Once the temperature is adjusted, then it maintain it
  • Use distilled water only.
  • Minimizes bacteria by not using any interior material and by using hygienic duplicated insulation structure (bottom-egg tray).
  • Rcom bird bird and poultry brooder ex suro eco capacity of 10 to 15 chicks, 7 to 10 duck chicks, 7 to 10 Turkey chicks, 25 to 30 Pheasant chicks or 30 to 40 quail chicks . The capacity decreases as chicks grow.
  • Strong SMPS featured power supply.
  • Thick wide double-glazed viewing window allows observation of eggs while minimizing temperature and humidity variations.
  • Optimal air circulation technique with strong BLDC fans that does not allow the air from the fan to directly touch the eggs.
  • Variable air control lever.
  • Sturdy plastic construction that is easy to clean, disassemble, assemble, with easy access to incubation area.
  • Absolutely pleasant design.
  • Please, use distilled water only with the Rcom incubator ex suro eco HB to avoid accumulation of mineral deposits in the humidifier.
  • The items you will receive include the brooder, screwdriver, thermometer, plastic floor mesh pads, instruction manual and electrical cable.